Mi Desmedt
Artist, etcher and engraver

Mi Desmedt is an accomplished artist, etcher and engraver, inventing new engraving and printing techniques to capture the ever changing nature of the landscapes, river scenes and seascapes that inspire her. Her work can be found in hundreds of art collections world-wide.

"I'm looking for the poetry in the things that we see all around us every day. Things change continuously with the seasons, with the time of day: light, reflections in the water, the length of shadows, and other such beautiful qualities - they are never the same. It is their sense of movement that I strive to capture and convey. Terms such as abstract and figurative loose their meaning in this context, I focus on texture."

Originally from Belgium, Mi traveled all over the world, before settling in the Dordogne in the South of France in 1988, where she has been concentrating her efforts on colour prints, using her own unique etching method. Since '88, Mi has been able to draw inspiration from several sabbaticals in Morocco, Uruguay and elsewhere.

Mi has exhibited in galleries and cultural centres in Europe, the United States and Latin America. You can check out Mi's current exhibitions here.

If not at her Atelier d'Artiste, Mi spends her time exploring and sketching the Dordogne or visiting the studio of fellow artist and friend Piet Devolder.

Do not hesitate to consult his site or even better to go to his workshop:

Atelier Mi Desmedt
Route du Bugue
24220 - Meyrals